Happy New year to all my clients from A To Z Home Inspections

Anyone buying a house, condominium or townhouse should get a home inspection, which is an unbiased, noninvasive evaluation of a property. The inspector issues a detailed report telling you what – if anything – is wrong with your home and itemizing damage or issues that need to be addressed.”

What is the purpose of the home inspection?

Home inspections turn up safety issues and maintenance problems that could create serious trouble and expenses down the road. Inspections help everyone understand the condition of a property, and thus the risks that should be considered before proceeding in a transaction.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a home inspection?

Pros and cons of doing a home inspection before listing

  • Pros.
  • You can get ahead of repairs.
  • You might be able to close faster.
  • You could list your home for more.
  • Cons.
  • You’ll have to disclose any big problems.
  • You’ll have to spend money to do it.
  • You might end up making more work for yourself.